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About Me

Annemarie Jung is a self-taught photographer. Since her debut in 2021, Annemarie has rapidly garnered recognition, winning numerous prestigious awards and exhibiting her work internationally and locally.

Drawing inspiration from her natural curiosity and an unwavering drive to transform ideas into art, Annemarie's artistic focus lies in capturing the essence of the human element. Through her evocative and sometimes provocative approach, she skillfully explores the intricate nuances of the human experience.

Annemarie Jung

Publications and Awards:

  • Julia Cameron Awards 18th edition (2021): Category winner Cellphone, physical exhibition in Barcelona (Spain) in Spring 2022, published in Catalogue.

  • Prix de la Photographie Luxembourg (2022) – Cité de l‘image: Finalist, physical exhibition in Luxembourg in October 2022.

  • Smithsonian Award (2022): Finalist and Category Winner Travel, online exhibition and publication in SmithsonianMagazine.

  • Global Photo Awards (2022): Finalist and published in Catalogue.

  • International Photo Awards (2022): Finalist and published in Catalogue.

  • Julia Cameron Awards 19th edition (2022): physical exhibition in Barcelona (Spain) in April 2023 and published in catalogue.

  • Monovisions Awards (2022): Finalist, online exhibition and published in Catalogue.

  • Pollux Award 19th edition (2023): Category winner, physical exhibition in Barcelona (Spain) in October 2023 and published in Catalogue.

  • Photofestival Pelt (2023): Physical exhibition (June – September 2023 in Belgium) and Catalogue.

  • Global Photo Awards (2023): Finalist and published in Catalogue.

  • All About Photo Awards (2023): Winner, Solo feature in monthly magazine, sponsored Portfolio page, nominated as “Rising Photographer.”

  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography (2023): Finalist, physical exhibition in Glasgow (Scotland) in July 2023 and in October 2023.

  • Decode Gallery (2023): Physical and online exhibition in Arizona (USA) in July 2023,  in December 2023 and in January 2024.

  • Urban Photo Awards (2023): official selection and physical exhibition in Trieste (Italy) in October 2023.

  • Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 20th edition (2023): 7 nominations, physical exhibition in Barcelona (Spain) in April 2024 and published in Catalogue.

  • National Geographic Magazine: publication in Italian magazine edition in September 2023.

  • International Portrait Photographer (2023): published in Annual Book of the top 101 photographers in the world, physical exhibition.

  • Prix de la Photographie Paris (2023) : winners exhibition in Paris (France), published in Annual Book

  • Eyeshot Open Call (2023): semi-finalist, published in annual Book, featuring in short-film, Naples (Italy).

  • Exhibizone Grand Prize (2023): online exhibition, published in Catalogue.

  • World of Photography (2023): physical exhibition in Barcelona (Spain) in December 2024, published in World of Photography Book.

  • Blank Wall Gallery: physical exhibition in Athens (Greece) in November-December 2023.

  • Pollux Awards 20th edition (2023): 3 x Honorable Mention, physical exhibition in Barcelona in April 2024, published in Catalogue.

  • Julia Margaret Cameron Award 21st edition: 3 x Honorable Mention, physical exhibition in Barcelona in 2024, published in Catalogue.

  • Modeka Gallery (2023): 4 x selected for exhibition in Manila, February 2024, physical exhibition.

  • Valid World Hall (2023): 4 x selected for exhibition in Barcelona, March 2024, projection at gallery.

  • Digital Photographer Magazine (2023): exhibited in Magazine for Night photography award.

  • Fotnostrum Magazine (2023): selected for publication in Magazine in 2024 and physical exhibition in Barcelona.

  • Budapest International Foto Award (2023): Silver medal and honorable mentions, projection at gallery in 2024 in Budapest.

  • Kaiser Gallery Street Photography (2023): selected for exhibition in 2024 in Cleveland.

  • PH21 Gallery (2023): selected for exhibition, projection at gallery in 2024 in Budapest.

  • Xposure 2024 Festival (2023): selection for exhibition and published in catalogue, 2024 in Sharjah.

  • Tokyo International Foto Awards (2023): selected for exhibition, projection in Tokyo in March 2024.

  • Boomers Gallery (2024): selected for exhibition in April 2024 in London and published in catalogue.

  • Trieste Photo Days (2024): selected for exhibition in October/November 2024 in Trieste and published in book..

Online exhibitions and Awards

  • New York Photography Awards (2022): 2 x Gold award, 6 x Silver award, 3 x Honorable mention, online exhibition.

  • European Photography Awards (2022) : 3 x Gold winner, online exhibition.

  • Refocus (2022): People’s Choice Award and Honorable Mention, online exhibition.

  • Luxembourg Art Prize (2022): 4 x Honorable Mention, certificate of artistic achievement.

  • Annual Photo Award (2022): 2 x Honorable Mention.

  • ArtDoc (2023): 2 x finalist.

  • Artfluent (2023): Official selection, online exhibition.

  • Muse Photography Awards (2023): 2 x Platinum award, 8 x Gold award, 10 x Silver award, featured as Jury’s choice, online exhibition.

  • Lensculture Critic’s choice (2023): editor’s pick, online exhibition.

  • Refocus Color Photography (2023): 2 x People’s choice, 2 x Honorable Mention, online exhibition.

  • The Motif Collective (2022-2023): 3rd place on “Sunset“, Honorable mentions and shortlisted in “Landscape” “Symmetry”, “Minimalism” and “Reflections”.

  • London Photography Awards (2023): 1 x Platinum, 2 x Gold, 1 x Honorable Mention.

  • Monovisions awards (2023): Honorable Mention, online exhibition.

  • iPhone Photography Awards (2023): Honorable Mention, online exhibition.

  • IPA Deeper perspective (2023): Honorable Mention, online exhibition.

  • Refocus Annual Award (2023): 6 nominations, online exhibition, Silver category winner, Bronze category winner, 3 x Honorable Mention, 1 nomination.

  • European Photo Awards (2023): 3 x Gold winner, online exhibition.

  • IPA Annual Award (2023): 5 x official selection, 1 x final round, online exhibition.

  • Spotlight Award (2023): 3 x finalist, top 10 in category sports, Travel/Landscape and Lifestyle.

  • Shoot the Frame (2023): 2 x finalist, online exhibition.

  • ND Awards (2023): Honorable Mention in professional category.

  • Artfluent (2023): Selected for online exhibition.

  • Photo North Festival (2023): online exhibition in Leeds (UK) in April 2024.

  • Artdoc (2023): online exhibition, "Through my lens" in December 2023

  • Refocus Awards (Black and White" (2023): Honorable mention and online exhibition.

  • Monochrome Awards (2023): 1 x Honorable mention in professional category, 2 x Honorable mention in Amateur category.

  • Siena International Awards (2024): Finalist.

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